What are your most comfortable IEMs

Just watched Joshua’s review of the Final B3, and they look absolutely gorgeous. I’m not really into IEMs, mainly because of comfort, both around the ears and the pressurized feeling of something sticking into my ears.

That being said, my current go to, or EDC IEM, is the Massdrop EDC. Those are probably the most comfortable IEMs that I have ever put in my ears (to be fair I haven’t tried a lot). They fit pretty much perfect and they stay completely flushed. These are the only pair that I can sleep with.

Which inspired me to create this topic, is there a pair out there that makes you feel the same? Is there a pair that is so comfortable that sound doesn’t really matter?

I’ve been sleeping in my Blon Bl-03s lately but they still have that in ear feel.

My Bose Soundsport wired are comfortable and stay in and don’t go in you ear to isolate sound, perfect for on the road biking and still hear cars. I’ve not slept in them, stick a little farther out but don’t bug me for 8hrs at work before I got the blons

Ah, I’ve heard a lot of chatter around the Blon, Moondrop, and Tin Hifi lately.

All universal fit…

Snug fit and completely flush (side sleeper friendly): Ikko OH1, Noble Audio M3, and ADV Model 3. I’d add Blon 03’s if you can find the proper ear tip.

Comfortable fit with protrusion (CIEM type of fit): Empire Ears Bravado. ISN H40, and Oriolus MK2.

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Ikko OH1 looks interesting.

Reecho and Peacock Spring 1…fit and forget.


Tin P1 with Dekoni foam tips work well. After hearing Z mention how he uses different sizes in each ear, I realized that works better for me. I could never get a good fit, so I generally avoided in-ears.

I prefer the fine grain sizeing from final tips and spiral dots. Medium and medium small for me :wink: