What budget amp for Micca RB42?

Need some help here, just bought a set of RB42s to use as extra speakers (not my main setup so low cost is key). The idea is to be able to take them with me to a friend’s house or wherever but they will mostly live in my workout room.

I need help choosing a little amp for them and bluetooth capability would be a HUGE plus. Being able to walk into the room, pair it to my phone and enjoy music while working out is pretty critical but not a deal breaker if there is a really good non-bluetooth option. Are there any good amps for what I’m trying to do? I know Zeos said in his review that they are pretty hard to drive. Thanks in advance!

I currently have them setup in my living room with the SMSL ad18 powering them. Works really well in this situation because it has a good variety of inputs for multiple sources including Bluetooth like your looking for. Powers them nicely.

On my desk I use a topping pa3 with them get plenty loud and never really go past 12 o clock unless I’m leaving the room and want to hear my music from the other side of the house

Wow awesome suggestions guys, I considered both of those! Any other similar amps I should look at?


If power is something you need for the cheap the SA 98E works good box says 160wpc. I ended up swapping mine for a Pa3 due to a need for less power.

I’ve run them off of both an SMSL AD18 and a Topping MX3. Both do the job. Currently they’re running off the Topping, which is plugged into my TV via optical. It’s a smashing 2.0 system.

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How loud do they get with the Smsl AD18? I need to be able to run them in a party setting too, not just nearfield

I wish I could answer that. I only tried them nearfield and didn’t try to see how hard a could push them. And I have a very small room. I’m going to bet that for party settings you will need louder. Also, I think the Topping might have more power.

Actually, this article says the SMSL has more power. That’s encouraging. I think the Topping can drive them plenty loud. But in a small space, and not in a party setting. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-smsl-ad18-dac-amp.7325/

Ok everyone, I know you’re gonna laugh but the Best Budget amp I have found for the RB42 is the NobSound NS-20G ($54). It has more than enough power to crank them loud as you can stand at a computer desk and sounds great for what it is. I use them this way all the time as my mobile setup. People are literally dropping jaws when they hear it. This fits everything in a small bag with no added weight. It is a tiny unit. Best part is you have the option of Bluetooth or Aux and a headphone jack which doubles as a subwoofer output. I’m really quite serious!

I’m using an SMSL DA-8s! Looks sleek and sound great with my RB42s.


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