What Closed back do I get for soundstage and imaging under $200?

Hey, I’m looking to get a closed back headphone that has really good soundstage and imaging as I really do like how it immerses you into the listening. I listen to a lot of EDM and also play a lot of competetive games like CS:GO, Battalion 1944, Apex and R6 Siege.

The headphones im currently looking at are:

  • Beyerdynamic Custom Studio
  • CoolerMaster MH751
  • Sivga SV004 or SV006

If you have any other suggestions then please do comment your pick and or if there is a winner for you in the headphones I’m currently looking at it would be great if you could tell me some more about your experience with them.

If the dt 770 is anything to go by the custom studio should have the best soundstage and imaging.

Of what you have listed there. Probably the SV006 (or if you want to save a buck and don’t need some of the accessories then the Bosshifi B8 or BLON B8) or the MH751.
The SV004 is not closed back maybe you meant the 002?. The sound on both are okay. Personally I prefer the 006/B8 over the 004 and 002.

If a mic matters to you then get the MH751.
If you have a cardioid mic already then you could probably go either way. The beryllium driver of the B8/006 is probably better for edm. It can punch a bit harder and a bit faster before getting crunchy like other dynamic materials.
However with that said, the build quality of the 006/B8 is far worse than the MH751.
I released a pretty extensive review of it a few years back on headfi I think. I might still have the word doc for it laying around but I can’t even remember my headfi account and i don’t want to.
To break it down as short as possible:

  1. the connector they use is really really shit, the soldering to it is pretty crap, it is super glued to the wood.
  2. The wires to the drivers are really really thin and the wires going though the moving armature are crazy thin.
  3. The connection between the yoke and the headband where it swivels is pretty bad. Cast metal and a plastic retainer disk. It will wear out quickly and make the yoke wobble around which puts stress on the wires. It will eventually break and just fall apart. Not very quickly. But I give it about 1-2 years depending on usage. But before then you will probably have to re solder wires or replace the headphone jack or both.

The sv006/B8 does have some serious build issues. But if you can spend 10 dollars or so on creating a better headphone jack system and fixing the yoke with a metal retainer ring or replacing the headband with something else entirely. Then they are better in my opinion than the MH751.

If you don’t have the time, skill, equipment to do the modifications for the 006/B8 then pick up the MH751.

Separately for the Beyer Custom Studio’s…well they are okay. They are a many trick pony that isn’t really good at anything. They have okay sound almost across the board with it’s settings (big no no on the lightest and heaviest bass settings), but for their 200 dollar price tag absolutely not.
I would rather buy 2 x 100 dollar headphones that are focused and tuned specifically to two different sound signatures, rather than buy one that has 4 settings, 2 of which are junk and the other two are half assed at best.

Also what is with the naming of them. Who thought the Custom studio was worthy of having “studio” in it’s name? Not a single person should use these in a studio and if they do they should be fired for incompetence.

I can’t really think of many sub 200 dollar closed back headphones that fit your requirements right now.
Open sure I could name a few. Top pick might be the Fidelio X2’s and I will leave it at that.

ok thank you for the extensive input. I used to have the fidelio X2’s but they broke and open isn’t really good for me as I live next to a regularly used street so it really is annoying listening to cars driving by all day.

just curious as to why the dt 770 isn’t being considered as they are pretty great for gaming. as they have a wide soundstage and have excellent imaging.

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I would get the Fostex T50rp MKIII for $160 and then as money allows, swap the pads yourself, or save up to send them to Ryan at Modhouse Audio to improve them for you. Modhouse Argon T50 MKIII are well worth the extra money and Zeos uses them constantly, which tells you they are good.

Here is Zeos’ review of the Modhouse Argons

The reason I dont want them is for the attached cable if they had a detachable cable I wouldnt be making this post… Im not going to mod them as i dont have the tools to do it

im from the UK so I dont think sending the headphones to modhouse will be worth as the shipping will probably be expensive, plus I heard the waiting list is like 4 months long atm.

Yeah figured as much

have you considered the 1 more triple driver over ear headphones? apparently super crisp accurate high with very good imaging with impressive soundstage for a closed back

Yeah the audio world is hard for you UK boys. Ridiculous shipping prices, limited availability at best, and crazy wait times. Just take a vacation somewhere cheap in the US and buy all your shit in one day lol. Might actually save money

I’ve tried out multiple pairs of dt770s and I can’t stand them. I honestly couldn’t track enemies with them at all, I couldn’t tell where anything was. I actually did better with a logitech g230 than the DT770, oddly enough.
Come to think of it, I’ve never liked any DT headphone.

logitech g203 is a mouse

Typo, meant g230.
Their product names are stupid.

yea haha, they have like 5 different products named the g pro and only differ with what the item actually is and especially their mice. ther g pro wired is completely different from the g pro wireless if anything they should of called the g305 the g pro wireless

I don’t get their naming schemes and never will.
As to the original question though, what amp/dac do you have?

Sorry for the late response but I currently have the fx audio Dac-X6

I just bought that for a friend of mine.
For under $200 there are a lot of options. K553(I personally don’t like these but people jizz their pants over them), one more tridents, if you lived in the US you’d also have the Meze 99 noir.
I’ve used the MH752 before and it wasn’t bad.
I’d not tried out the Sivgas yet but I might soon.
I won’t touch anything that’s Beyerdynamic though.

I have the custom studios and absolutely love them to death (quite literally, they’re finally giving out after 5 years of abuse). Great imaging and soundstage, only problem I have is that on certain songs, the trebble can be a hair sharp. Nowhere near as sharp as any of the DT range, but if you’re trebble adverse, you might want to consider something else, or at the very least get them from somewhere like amazon with a good no questions return policy.