What closed back headphones should I get?

Have you looked at the Sennheiser HD 300?

I am also looking for closed back cans, to be used on the go and home with the dragonfly red. Right now I have the sony wh-1000xm3 but for 350 I feel there must be something better.

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I can confidently NOT recommend the Ether CX.
What kind of a sound signature are you looking for? And May I assume Under $500 or under $300 budget?

On the bassier side without being muddy, im looking for under 400 unless they are night and day difference for the extra 100

You could get a EMU for 450$

MDR1am2’s at $300 are great but since you have Sony’s have that house sound… you probably want something different. MDR-7506 is also worth looking at but again… that’s a Sony. I REALLY like the sound of the Sennheiser HD 300 I’m demoing right now that my friend that uses a DragonFly Red primarily enjoys.

The issue you’re going to see over and over again is that in that price range there a lot of Sony’s.

For the sound signature that you want, Campfire Audio Cascades but at $800 it’s double what you’re willing to spend.

Now… other options that IF they seem appealing you can probably get all for under $300 together that may be right up your alley.

  • Koss Kph30i
  • Koss Porta Pro’s (look at the Yaxi ear pads for more bass)
  • IEM’s like the KZ ZS10 Pro

I have the kph30 and KZ ZS10 Pro with a DragonFly Cobalt and Fiio BTR5… those are my “audiophile on the road” options right now. I’ve used the kph30’s on air planes and air ports without disturbing anyone and scale up with any equipment I throw at them.

I would be taking back the wh-1000xm3… just got them today and have 45 days to take them back

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MDR1am2’s might be exactly what you’re hunting after. Compare the Koss options and just go for it. They’re great as a back up and as you get more expensive gear, you can compare the sound to your Koss and just ask if anything you have purchased is REALLY worth the money when the Koss sound that good that cheap.

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Same here I’m in a similar situation but for the main purpose of playing on a digital piano. I think I’m going to end up getting the AKG 371 over the Beyerdynamics 770s and the Yamaha mt5

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