What closed back headphones should I get?

I’ve been looking to replace my old headset, at first I was thinking about getting the CM MH751/752, but apparently there the earcup likes to snap from the headband. Then I thought of getting a pair of headphones with v-moda boom pro, I was split between Status Audio CB-1 and Yamaha HPH-MT5, but the CB-1s have also poor build quality. Should I get the Yamahas or is there a better alternative under 100€ ?

Hmmm, I haven’t had any issues with my mh751, but I guess that could be a concern. I personally wouldn’t recommend the cb1 imo, it’s cheap build and average sound aren’t worth to me. The MT5 is a solid pick and might work with the boompro if I recall correctly

What do you like to listen to or what’s your use case for the headphones?

I say spend a little more and get a set of used DT770s.

I think if he could drop the boompro requirement then that would be a very solid pick, or perhaps like the akg k371 as well (but if you went with the 250 ohm beyers you would want an amp)

I’m gonna use them mostly for competitive gaming/music. When it comes to music I guess mostly Metal/rock, but I listen to a lot of different genres

Gotcha, so assuming you would need a mic on it correct?

yep, I decided to go for boom pro, since it’s most “budget friendly” :smiley:

Gotcha, well in that price range for a boompro I would personally look for like the mt5 or audio technica ws1100is. Another headphone that could take the boompro would be the sivga sv006 I think, but personally I am not the largest fan of that headphone

Guess I’ll go for the mt5 then, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat to a degree. I was very happy with the CM752, which was essentially a longer-term stopgap. That came to an end when the headband snapped and left the pads/phone dangling in the wind. Since then I’ve been making due with some very old earbuds which do the best for their price point.

Even while using the CM752, I was looking to expand my setup with separate cans (closed back due to living arrangements) and a decent non-ModMic solution. The MT5 (or even WS1100ia unless making the slight jump to a Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 seems like a good set as I rebuild the budget, but am trying to prioritize getting a stack and mic that will last during the incremental upgrades.

It’s been tough (especially lately) trying to determine the best recording solutions. In an ideal world,a nice rich shotgun mic would be available without breaking the bank as I’d like to keep my screen as clear as possible while eliminating as much road noise as I have out front. I could just be needlessly judgmental bout addons like the Boom Pro or ModMic when some quality options are available without destroying the bank with the current affordable (and decent) DAC/AMP options out there for a variety of online entertainment (streaming, virtual tabletop gaming, and decent – not top-tier – sound assets for client instructional materials.

Apologies for the word vomit and level of detail, Daedalus’s situation struck close to home with the initial query. Cheers, all. I understand if I perhaps have given details not entirely important.

I think if you want a good entry level shotgun the Audio Technica 875R or Beyer M201TG are good picks

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Roger that. Been looking that it on an off until other procuts muddied the waters. Appreciated.

The MASSDROP X SENNHEISER PC37X GAMING HEADSET is on sale at massdrop right now for 100$

Also the Koss GMR-54X-ISO GAMING HEADSET for 50$ if you want a cheaper option:

Id highly recommend Denon 7200 but not for retail. look on the used market for about 500-600ish and if youre willing to eq you can get some added value. alternatively, x00 ebony are very nice for the price if you can get them around 300ish. thats if you want to go a little higher. lower i always quite liked my takstar pro 82 with a boompro and 2.5 to 3.5 adapter

I can’t recommend the pc37x enough. Fantastic headphone.

unfortunately the pc 37x is a open back

oh yeah, forgot again :upside_down_face:

The beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus (that name though…) can take the v-moda or the more expensive beyerdynamic headset gear (allthough a beyerdynamic Custom Game can be had for 145€, so :man_shrugging: )

I’m re-opening the thread, because I realized, when double checking the information about the mt5s, that the headphones have the 2,5mm connector…What do I do now ? Would a 3 pole 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter work ? Or do I have to search for another solution/headphones ?

I’m in the same position as you except I’m a small YouTuber / streamer trying to find headphones with a good mic, I game across the boom pro as it is one of the best headset combinations that is cheap!

I’m just looking for a pair of closed back headphones too under £100

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