What DAC/AMP should I pair it with a DT 770 Pro 250 ohms?

I just wanna use my headphones for Producing Music. Such as, Mixing/Mastering EDM Tracks.

Jds labs atom. very clean amp. Topping d30 for dac. the combo will drive them easy and cleanly.

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Do I have to pair a combo with the DT 770 Pro 250 ohms? Can I just pick an AMP and its all good, no need for a DAC? I don’t have a DAC, is it a must?

Not a must. Windows built in dac is ok, you could easily use it with the atom. For 250 ohm headphones, the amp will do more then the dac anyways when talking plugging into windows. I would get the amp, and if you feel its still missing something, down the road get a dac.

What about “JDS Labs, The Element”? Would that pairing be fine?

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It’s a great unit, nearly as clean an amp and more power. The dac is good as well. But if you don’t need the extra power, get the atom and d30.

Would that extra power be useful, when I want to upgrade better headphones?

For sure. Not much it can’t drive.

And the Element looks very sharp imo. Can’t go wrong.

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When it comes to mixing and mastering, I would say you should get a clean DAC and clean amp so your levels can be accurate. So I agree you should get the Atom very clean amp with very flat frequency across the spectrum. And the D30 is very very clean DAC, but if you want a DAC that you’ll never need to upgrade again I would jump on the JDS Labs El DAC or the Aune X1s.