What dac and amp to buy for HD6xx's?

Im new to the hobby and used to use wh-h900n but after the earcups broke i moved to some old ATH-M50x through my mic amp the UMC22.
I was looking around at dac’s and amp’s for the HD 6xx and was wondering if i should go for a Apple usb C dongle and a schiit Magni or schiit Modi/Magni stack or Fi ZEN DAC V2.
I might use the ATH-M50x with the dac and amp before buying the HD 6xx’s.
But if you think there is something better i am up to sugestions.
Side note is the ‘iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX Amp’ from DROP worth getting as it is $249.

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Does portability matter?
What do you value in sound/what do you listen to?
Are you open to tube amplifiers?

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I used ATH-M50x’s with a Dongle DAC for a while and I loved it. Not everybody likes the M50x’s for various reasons but for a long time they were my go-to closed backs.

I also liked the 6XX’s, I ended up selling them though. If I could go back and do it again, I would get a tube amp or a higher powered desktop (like the Zen DAC V2) to really appreciate the HD6XXs. I used a Hip DAC which powered them decently well but I don’t think I ever fully appreciated what the 6XXs could do and from what I’ve heard they seem to really shine on tube amplifiers.

the Zen DAC would be a great option…or perhaps the Zen Signature CAN HD6xx version that has an EQ button for the 6xx. DAC’s are important, but if you max the audio from your device into the amp, just use the amp’s volume control as master for your headphones. I did that for a little while when all I had was a Schiit Vali 2.

also, I’d look at the used market, lots of screaming deals to be had there!

If you’re aiming for the under $200 budget go with a fiio k5 pro, better than an amp + apple dongle cause the dongle is underpowered even as a dac I think.

portability does not mater.
I lisen to lots of diffrent genres and enjoy 2010’s Dance/Electronic when playing games.
I have never lisend or looked into tube amps, would it give “coulour” the the sound?