What dac is there to that will run speakers, tube amp and a solid state amp

I was looking at getting a solid state amp and wanted to get a dac to run both my tube and amp as well as my speakers withought having to unplug stuff

Some DAC’s have multiple live outputs, and you can use a splitter or switch to drive multiple amps on most without issue.

Bifrost 2 ? I run my Asgard3 rca from the Bifrost and I run my Liquid plat hybrid balanced from my Bifrost. I have my desktop speakers (monitors ) rca out from my Asgard

if you run via RCA, they’re easily able to be split with something like this.

If you’re not going to run both at the same time. (say the tube amp and powered speakers) then you have no issues and you don’t have to plug/unplug anything.

If i run a duel splitter to 2 amps and then run the output to a speaker? Or is there a way to run an input through one amp to another amps input with the dac imput feeding into one or the other?

Ok thank you

If your amp has a pass through, it can be used to extend the output from your DAC to an additional amp. Some are variable pre-outs, others are fixed line outs, some give the option of either one with a switch. Variable pre-outs are nice for running active speakers, as that way you can set the max volume you want your speakers to hit and then control them from your amp, which functionally becomes a pre-amp.