What did you randomly watch? (movies you just decided to watch)

What random movie did you watch recently?

I randomly pulled Van Helsing off my shelf, and gave it another watch.


Still a cult classic

In terms of absolutely random watches? I watched Antarctic Journal a couple days ago.

Once upon a time in Hollywood…

I picked up Ninja Turtles (2014) Blu-Ray today just cuz it was in the $5 bin at Walmart . Had Never seen it. Didn’t even realize when buying it - it has Atmos soundtrack - Bonus. I thought it was Pretty Good. Now I gotta get the next one. - Out of the Shadows - also Atmos.

Also recently bought the UnderWorld Collection on BluRay - watched all them over a few days time

Res Evil box set…

And a classic Fried Green Tomatoes…

Back to The Future(s) are Ones I will rewatch randomly / regularly - Love them Movies. I had them on VHS then DVD , Now BluRay…

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all the north korea news recently had me wanting to watch this

Good choice