What did you return today?

Sorry if I missed this topic already, figured we might as well have an opposite post to mark what you returned today to help others avoid bad deals or sound that just wasn’t quite right for you. The purchased today post seems pretty popular already!

Today I returned my NewFantasia balanced cable for the HD6xx. It worked but the braid had a permanent twist to it which was annoying but didn’t effect the quality. I ended up going with the Hart Custom cables and for slightly more money due to the color / length choices, I’m much happier with this cable instead.

I recently returned Fostex T60RP, both cans had a horrible creak and the left had a slight rumble in the low frequencies, the right was much worse. Talked with Ryan at ModHouse and was advised it would be better to return. (ended up with 177x for that spot in my headphones but still have some Argons on my radar down the line)

Amiron Home(due to extreme sibilance that I could not resolve)

JBL Quantum One(due to it being hot garbage)

Hifiman HE5se(wanted to try it… the hells all the bass?)

Sendy Aiva(Sibilant and lacking bass. I have a better planar imo)

Topping D10(decided to upgrade to the E30 and this was still in return periods)

Liquid Spark(well its schedule for return actually due to the same reason as the topping. Going to upgrade to with the RNHP or the Asgard 3 haven’t fully decided yet.)

What was the time between all those returns? lol
Did they all come from Amazon?

Newegg, JBL directly, Amazon for the next two, APOS audio, and lastly for the liquid spark directly from monoprice. Those were all within a 3 day period of returning but I sat with them for about… a week or so until I was able to test all of them well enough to get a general idea.

You have to get lucky and get a good model for that one lol. Also extremely power hungry. There are some almost broken sounding units floating around because of adorama camera garbage

You said that last time when I asked about it… I wanted to friggin try it though! lmfao no kidding though hot garbage. Anandas and Sundaras beat this thing into the ground

It’s a real shame, I got to try a first run/prepro model (it even had wood veneer) and it sounded really great, but then the ones that actually shipped sucked lol

aww what really? that sounds incredible! I would love to have a wood veneer hifiman like that but this just looked like a Sundara gone wrong.

I mean the cheapest way to get the wood veneer hifiman would be to find an he560 v1, but those also need a fair bit of power to get going, and I don’t know if you would personally prefer it over the sundara

Nope, I throw on my aeons before I put on the Sundara less I want linear very wide sound than its anandas and if I want that sweet wide smooth bass its the x2 fidelio and if want my dark goddess its off to my nighthawk carbons… outside that probably the 1990s whenever the hell I get them lmao. Still wondering about the Argon mk3 though as I haven’t checked them yet.

Can’t say i’ve ever returned anything…if I did it would for QC issues.

It wasn’t today, but I had to return my Focal Elex headphones because the right driver stopped working after about 6 weeks. Apparently, this is not an uncommon issue.