What do do think constitues "casual" for a gaming headphone?

What do you think of when you hear someone is looking for a casual gaming can?

Something more tuned for ‘fun’… Like something that would work well for movies as well… A “hardcore” gaming headset would be more for competitive… imo… little to no low end… very mids and treble focused. Compressed sound with easy focus on micro details.

Bassy, wide soundstage, limited imaging (since a lot of singleplayer games have crap positioning designed for TV setups)…RGB.

  • Easy to drive, so 32 to 60 Ohm
  • Durable in the “careless left on the ground” sense
  • Cheaper than 150€/$

weighing in here, with my amazing k/d of 0.8, casual gaming headphones imho should be wide, open, relatively warm, extension is an added bonus, imaging doesn’t need to be pin point.

competitive is another matter entirely, staging is probably less important, any distance wider than the insides of your skull is probably adequate, imaging is most likely key. perhaps an emphasis on the upper mids, low treble, even a peak at whatever hz footsteps tend to be in.

The specs mentioned above kinda fit in Philips SHP9500 so SHP9500.
With not so amazing K/D 1.67…

But not bassy. They nice in that way + confort.
Big boomy bass just ain’t fun after some time.

Something with a nice relaxed wide soundstage, good bass extension, and maybe warmth?

I think, wide soundstage and good imaging for immersion, with a balanced tuning.

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You know, Nighthawk Carbon fit that description in some ways. I’ve heard some people say they really like them for gaming. I personally like them a lot for movies.

FUN bassy wide sounding heaphone like a fidelio

Shp9500 w/eikon suede pads and tuning foam is way better than the x2 imo. Powerful deep bass and smooth highs (needs the tuning foam to bring treble peaks down). Good mid range although slightly recessed which is my preference. Wide sound stage and more accurate imaging compared to the x2.

Basically, anything that does not have a label or a look of a “gaming” headset signifies for casual use imo. Meaning I can use it whether I am gaming or not. Well the essentials are basically these for me: Comfortable pads for long gaming sessions, high clarity microphone that is almost the same grade as a condenser mic, detachable wires so that during RAGE moments when you have the urge to break your cable it can be replaced with a new one, durability is also emphasized for the previous reason I stated and last one the most FOCAL POINT of all headphones for gaming, would be the sounds! IMO Balanced sound signature with excellent imaging and soundstage would be the perfect ideal for a so called “casual” gaming headphones.

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I dont think of impedance when I think casual gaming, I think of a fun sound signature that is wide and accentuates events in the game…so wide soundstage, bassy and good enough treble extension to not miss anything important in game, but not enough treble to murder your ears. I think of Argons immediately.

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I would consider casual gaming headphones the same as a good movie / tv headphone.

I think the only gaming category that benefits from a specific sound signature is competitive shooters.

One that isn’t analytical because a lot of games have lazy sound design. A big soundstage with bass. That’s why gaming headsets usually have an external sound card for them or use software like dolby headphone.