What do do think constitues "competitive" for a gaming headphone?

What do you think of when you hear someone is looking for a competitive gaming can?

Imaging accuracy and bass that’s not overwhelming, possibly a bit bass reduced actually. Explosions and gunfire don’t need to have any impact. Sound stage doesn’t have to be that wide either.

Signature has to have treble focus preferably upper mids. You can have bass but you don’t want it over powering the treble so you generally want something in the brighter side.
For presentation imaging is the most important more important than soundstage. But good soundstage is also important you want something wide but also you don’t just want wide ahem like a k7xx you want it to also be able to have something presented close as well.

But generally you can game on anything as long as it can tell you left and right and no headphone will automatically make you better right away you need to give it time get used to how it tells you where people and things are.

Isolation would be very important.
E-Sports events tend to be loud and I would not count on the venue to shield you from the crowd.

Would you say this is the case at home as well? Typically I think of open cans being the better performers here at home

Depends on your computer, I would say.

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Accruate imaging is probably the most important thing. Next would be having it geared more towards the upper midrange and treble I would think, less emphasis on bass, so as to hear faint footsteps and such.
I’m just guessing lol.
EDIT: Forgot to say, open is usually better, unless you have to do it in an environment with a lot of distractions and other people.

For me it’s my HD800. Accurate and detailed. I’m no pro but I’m a very active gamer and have been my whole life.