What do I need to know before I build my first HiFi system?

First off, I want to know whether I should or shouldn’t invest in some HiFi equipment. I will be listening to music on them for 90% of the time. I like to listen music loud sometimes, but I usually keep it to a normal volume. I listen to ‘new era’ metal (deathcore, slam, tech death, progressive metal, etc…) and electronic music (dubstep, house, hardcore, etc…). I have multiple options for my main music library device, but I think that I would like to use my PC as the main source. What set up would you recommend? Should I just use a decent pair of studio monitors for my PC instead? Also keep in mind that although I am a musician (drummer) I have no idea what any of the technical specs mean (Ohms, crossovers, impedance, etc…) so does that bar me from properly using/understanding a HiFi setup?

If you’ve made it this far, I’m looking at 3 different setups right now that are local and insanely priced…

https://www.definitivetechnology.com/products/bp6b $175
https://www.definitivetechnology.com/products/procinema-600-system $250
https://morentzaudio.com/morentz-mz7/ $200 !!!

help me <3

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Two good speakers are going to beat 6 not so good ones.

Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think Maze is right here, 2 good speakers would be better than 6 okay speakers.
My questions would be, what is your budget, and what type of sound signature do you like? Bassy? Neutral? Bright? V shaped?

What is your budget for the entire setup?

For speakers, Just based on the music selection, JBL studio 530’s on sale would be a decent choice. If you need more volume/bass impact get the tower versions. I’ve listened to these in a simple system with an older vintage adcom amp and they sounded nice.

we need price first

also dont spend money on expensive cables

Fluid Audio F4 could be something.

Has a front 3.5mm (3/8" jack) to plug in a phone on occassion and does not cost too much for a first dip into speakers.
To connect them to your PC, a cable like this would be used (just longer):

Good morning. Personally i’d avoid a 5.1 system especially since you’re using it mostly for music. Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t most music recorded in stereo?

I’m not super well versed in comparing different audio equipment as I’ve only had a handful myself. I’ll try to pass on what i’ve learned.

I noticed a huge increase in sound quality when i got a stand alone dac. I currently have the modi, but have heard really good things about the OL Dac. I would recommend getting a DAC, but hey if you’re on a budget use your computers onboard dac then you can be blown away when you do get one!

I would suggest a 2.1 set up. Since you like music with heavy bass, I’d recommend bookself speakers that have larger drivers around 5-6". I noticed a huge upgrade in the low end when i went from my tannoy reference monitors around 4" driver to my elac debuts that are 6". If you really want a sub that slaps i would get something in the 12" range. I did fine though with an 8" in my room for many years. And dear god get a sub with high level pass through inputs. That way you can route the wires from your amp to your sub before they get to your speakers. This means you can use any stereo amplifier even if you don’t have a sub out or loop ports etc. I didn’t do this and have paid for it ><

Lastly, you should invest in it if you want to. The main thing is that you enjoy it and that you can tell the difference. That’s all that matters. It’s easy to get caught up in whats the best, but the main thing is you’re happy. So i’d say yes go ahead and start investing in some equipment. Have fun!