What do those numbers mean?

What do those numbers like 16/24 bit and 44.1/48/96 khz mean in context? Like what should I even set them to on my DAC, PC and phone? I bought a Syba Sonic Dac and BTR3 and never played around with those settings. Are higher numbers always better?

Also, I only ever listen to Spotify and some FLAC files so does it even matter?


I would just set it to 24/96 and call it a day lol


Thanks for the link! That helps clarify a bit.

Sounds like a plan lol, don’t have to fiddle too much with these stuff.

Every time there is a Windows 10 update, I always check mine just in case. It sometimes re-defaults to a different number. That’s really the only time I’ve had to tinker.

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