What do you guys think about Immerse audio?

CD Projekt Red announce a collaboration with Immerse audio for some surround sound audio thing.

I know that surround sound is mostly a scam but I want to know what you guys think about this. Is this some stupid software that just “simulates” surround sound by making everything sound like shit? Is this a proper way of doing surround sound in software? Do you need proper 7.1 hardware instead?

I’m wondering if this would make the audio sound more accurate on my HD 559’s.

There are few of these applications so its software based.
Even Genelec has Aural ID application that should do the same for headphone users.

The thing that hits me more are the monthly / yearly subscriptions… with proper surround (hardware) you dont pay subscription. Well the gear costs… mainly more than compared to headphones…
Games and Movies offer surrounds audio, send audio to surround and that is that.
Though many diff industry use this payment plan so… that might be way now.