What do you think about this video talking about the HD58x?

The best gaming audio setup- by hardware canucks.
This guy seems to have used a lot of headphones including some high-end options like the TH900 or the HD800. Yet he seems to acknowledge the HD58X w/ Fulla 3 as the best setup for gaming audio. The HD58X doesn’t seem to have a wide soundstage, nor has a pretty much-recessed bass… This headphone seems to be AMAZING for the PRICE, but I don’t think it can compete with other higher-end models in terms of gaming. (Even the PC38X is worse than other options) HD58X seems to be also other streamers’ daily driver… Why do you think he would say the HD58X is the best for gaming?

Honestly, reviews from folks like Hardware Canucks/Badseed Tech, Zeos and others are why I ended up going the route of the HD 58X myself for my first pair of open-back real headphones. Their price is reasonable, seems a lot of casual gamers enjoy them and you don’t have to drive them with an amp from the get-go. For me - it’s my first toe in the waters of better audio for gaming. I know I’m probably going to want more low-end out of them, so from there I guess I’ll see what I can do (I’ve been wearing cheap closed-back headphones my whole life, and I’m a base junkie).

because shillings a thing
because some reviewers get paid to give high praise to products through the use of affiliate links they get money.
because it makes for good views as anybody who doesn’t know a wide variety of gear relies on what the “best” thing is hence why gaming headsets will preach just how amazing they are. When in reality… there is no best and never will be.
because he has gone on to say several gaming peripherals are amazing or the best so it’s not uncommon for him
because he’s a reviewer who claims it’s the best in his opinion… which should be taken as an opinion not fact
because 58x fits practically everywhere and most game sound engines are trash


Probably you’re right…