What do you think is the best kz? (musically and technically)

Can you tell me which of the list you consider the most complete kz?

  • KZ ZAX
  • KZ ZS10 PRO
  • KZ ZSX
  • KZ AS16 PRO
  • KZ ZAS
  • KZ AS24
  • KZ PR2
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You appear to be omitting the KZ ZS PRO X! And whilst it is a fantastic V-shaped IEM , it is not a patch on the OG PR2.

I’ve liked all of the KZs I’ve tried.
My favorites in order: ASX, AST, PR1 Pro
Others I’ve tried:
KZ ZS10 Pro, which I liked, but it’s got a metallic note to it.
ZSX Terminator is good, just doesn’t talk to me as much as my favorites.
AS16 Pro same thing I would say.
DQ6 is pretty good.
KZ Zex Pro…not too sure about this one.