What do you think my B&O BeoSound S9 are worth?

they’re surplus to me, so I’m gonna sell em. I bought them used for about $900 CAD…no idea what they’d be worth now though. My Google-fu didn’t turn up any used listings either, only stupid Samsung phones :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the original box and they’re in mint condition. probably less than a couple hundred hours of use to boot.

Are you sure the model is BeoSound S9? I can’t find a product page for it

you’re right…S8. my bad.

In that case, they usually sell between $250 - 400 USD, which is about $350 - $570 CAD

For future references I would use https://www.hifishark.com to price check certain items. It lists all current listings for an item across multiple sites, and listings that have been expired/sold to get a general idea on how much something sells for.