What do you think my next headphone should be?

Current Headphones: HE-4xx, HD599se, HP-50
Source: Spotify HQ off Mac Mini
Amp: Vali 2

I listen primarily to orchestral / epic, but do venture into ambient electronica time to time. the headphones must be open back and I would prefer something with more soundstage. imaging would be nice, but not at the expense of soundstage.

Come on man you know how this goes…Sundara/Drop Elex lol


a possible side grade would be 880 wide sounding great imaging or go up to a 1990 if we are doing an upgrade. but what do you like about your current sets of heapdhones?


indeed, but I was wanting to see if I had missed anything. the Elex is definitely on the list. how is the 1990 vs the 880 or vs. the Elex even? 1990 isn’t cheap in Canada…upwards of $900.

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:open_mouth: jeez :grimacing:

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actually, I apologize…they’re just over $700 on Amazon. but I know I saw a listing for them being over $900.

how are these vs the 177x and the Elex?

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These are more neutral bright than the other 2, imaging and soundstage is improved but the treble is unforgiving and can be a bit much if your treble sensitive. Otherwise it’s a very detailed pair of headphones. You get less bass than the other 2 and it’s less musical than the elex

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I vote Sundara. Amazing headphone

if I was to spend that much, Ant…I likely would lean towards the 95x off of Drop.

If i were going to a island and had to choose a headphone and they only gave me 2 choices, a sundara or a 95x, i’d choose sundara every time. the 95x is great but imo the Sundara is a much better headphone. even though the 95x has the larger drivers and the speed.

well…this isn’t that kinda live or die situation, LoL. but the 95x would suit my music tastes a bit more, don’t you think?

Well it lacks bass. And my feelings are mixed on them. The build feels cheap. They have zero clamp. Last time i listened to them i really didnt enjoy it. You cant take them anywhere. they’re stuck next to the energizer. And they’re just very treble centric. Ive learned from the people here that there are many features to a headphone and it just seems to me they fall short of a headphone like the Sundara. What is your taste? Maybe @M0N can give a good comparison of the 95x v Sundara for you?

What headphones where you thinking of getting?

I used to own the Stax 207’s…but they got lost in my move 2 years ago. I still have the energizer though. if I could find another pair of 207’s, that’s probably what I’d get…I have the ported plates mod to fix the lack of bass issue they have. however, they’re as much as the 95x, which M0N has shared he thinks are better than the L300’s and L500’s.

On the base energizer imo

Yeah i hear the same thing too. and since you have a better energizer and had a STAX before maybe it would be the thing for you

But you’ll have to get a converted cable to use the old energizer

yep…they run about $100 or so.

oooh? so the kits with the energizer’s they come with aren’t nice…but with the higher end models they come to life? interesting…

Correct imo

interesting. so as a minimum, which energizer would you recommend to start with? or do you think the 252S would really make the 95x come to life over what it comes with?