What do you think the endgame headphones are?

endgame is a word used so often it’s meaning has been lost. but that aside, what do you feel are the endgame headphones with:

  • dynamic drivers
  • planar magnetic drivers
  • electrostatic drivers
  • unmentioned driver(s)

actually, let’s do endgame everything. so DAC, amp, speakers & speaker amp.


(endgame) ~ sqrt[-1] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have a good answer, but it’s a fun question. All of the tech options out there have their strengths and weaknesses . What might be “endgame” for Beethoven’s 5th may not be for Tool. Honestly I think “endgame” is more theoretical than actual for most. And our pursuit of “endgame” becomes asymptotic. But for me, that’s also part of the fun. This hobby is about the music, sure, but a good chunk of the fun is also in learning about and playing with the gear.

There is no end game. Thread over. It doesn’t exist.


well, simply put, my endgame will be the best I can afford in the $700 - $1000 range. :stuck_out_tongue:

to me end game doesn’t exist. there is headphones and gear and I listen if I enjoy and can afford I buy.

Same as with PC hardware, there is always something better.

MIDI-to-Brain would be the endgame though.


“Error: The MIDI port may be in use by another application”


Or you get a random Skype call, directly to brain, at full volume…
I did not think this through, did I?

Or a buffer overflow error. Man that would suck

Also just think of the massive damage earrape/bass boosted pranks could cause

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Don’t care that much about headphones… wonder what would the endgame headphone be?
Probably something open… Sennheiser Orpheus/HE 1… maybe.

SPL Phonitor x + DAC768xs could be enough for any other headphone.

Speakers = Genelec, the bigger the better and all around the room for surround.
AV processor = TRINNOV ALTITUDE 32.