What Do You Use When Storing Music?

Do you use microSD cards? External hard drives? Solid state drives? U.S.B. drives? Cloud service? Something else?

Most of my music is streamed over Apple Music, but for my bought music, I store them on a NAS with mirrored drives for redundancy. Synology also allows me to index my music folder as an iTunes library, so I can easily stream it. A VPN in the NAS also allows me to remotely access these files.

I use USB drives, the best solution for my needs - I can have all my music files on portable and reliable device without a need for internet access.

I save it to my PC, back it up to a external drive, and if I ever got around to it I’d also back it up to my living room PC

I use a NAS in raid 5.1 for some security as my main storage at home. I use it for music, photos, documents etc. I also have a 8tb external drive that i use for backup of the most important stuff (although i am too lazy, and it gets updated way less often than it should).

I also keep a copy of my music on my desktop pc, but my laptop and media PC and other devices all use the NAS as their storage. That said, i mostly use spotify for the convenience and the possibility to “cast” the music to other devices, but when i sit down and really listen, i tend to use foobar and the flac files on my NAS :slight_smile:

I store my music on a Synology NAS and back everything up to Backblaze. Plex runs on my NAS so I can play/sync music on the go. A copy of the music Library is replicated to my Roon Core for playback in the house.

The typical way of storaging my music and tracks would be the use of the HDD that I still have since 2016 and my god it’s still working just fine. Also I use a 128GB microSD from my phone to store my favorite tracks and albums as well, for I cannot always full rely on streaming, for I still prefer tracks that I own or at least “borrowed” to be in a storage.

Also I envy my dad’s albums for most of them are a physical collection and some of them are in vinyl, therefore he actually owns those.

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Lo practico es para mis necesidades una micro sd de buena calidad Sandisk extreme pro

I have a ton of music on CD and vinyl, but I still own several TB of digital downloads* and I have it all backed up to the cloud (Google Drive account), I have tons of it on SD cards for use on my DAPs, and I also have it saved to my NAS for my home listening pleasure.

*My entire digital collection is in bought and paid for FLAC/DSD in order to support the artists that made all the wonderful music I love. Not trying to preach or tell others how to handle their business, just taking the opportunity to make it clear because it’s important to me.


I have my whole collection in iTunes. The music is AAC, MP3 and ALAC. About 140GB, probably more now.
It is on my desktop hard drive, laptop hard drive (my juke box for my headphone station), phone with micro SD card and DAP with micro SD card.
About 7,300 pieces of Music.

PS: I buy all my music via iTunes, BandCamp and occasionally on CD.


SD card in my phone for stuff I’ve sorted and labeled and am actively listening to (23.5 GB / 2900-ish tracks), otherwise the full collection stays in one copy on an internal HDD and a backup copy on an external and disconnected HDD (Toshiba, 15yo IIRC).

USB sticks are not particularly reliable though, they’re just flash memory that loses charge over a few years (or faster, depending on quality) if not plugged in regularly, and even then might require re-writing the whole collection occasionally to get every cell recharged at max, so that there’s no “confusion” on whether it’s storing a 1 or a 0 (or whatever set of bits is in one of the more complex cells). SSD controllers take care of this “data freshness” for you in the background, but USB stick ones typically don’t. More from someone named Dave Haynie who seems to know this stuff: https://qr.ae/py2gav

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