What does your current shopping list look like?

you can share audio gear, but this is mostly about other stuff…hobbies that aren’t audio related, projects we have on the go and the like.

mine are getting an espresso machine…the Gaggia Classic Pro and then a Rolser cart for my wife. there are cheap one’s out there and they really are absolute garbage. then there are one’s that cost a pretty penny for what you think they are. in this case it’s like $250, for a glorified metal frame with a bag for carrying groceries and the like.

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The HVAC system is turning 20 soon, that has me worried, same with the roof, oven and refrigerator…Ugh. The good old Suburban just turned 16 and about to top 200K miles, eeek :skull:
I need to get off my ass and purchase tix to Greece to visit the family then also tickets and hotel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras next year, then also Phoenix to visit friends and Vegas because I was stupid enough to promise the GF. I also owe her a pair of upgraded tits that I have been procrastinating on, although she promised to lose just a little bit of weight in order to fit into them better :rofl: yeah right…
Welcome to my life :money_mouth_face: as long as my health holds up I will get to each and every task on the list.


immediate shopping list
dark chocolate
baking powder
brown sugar

I’m making cookies tonight

Ohhh cookies :yellow_heart:

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in that vein, I asked the wife to pick up a striploin roast that’s on special this week. cheaper than steaks, so I’ll just cut my own!

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