What dt990 to get for gaming and music

Hello everyone,
my best friend is about to get himself an Alienware Aurora PC and i have convinced him to get a proper headphone for it. He likes the 990 sound signature, but now we are wondering whether 250ohms might be too high. Do high end gaming PCs have enough power to drive the dt990s with 250ohm? Or shall he get the 80s?

If you are only running it off motherboard audio, I would go 80 ohm if you have to have a 990, but personally not the biggest fan of the lower impedance 990. Honestly a tygr 300r is a good pick if you have to run off a motherboard audio solution, as imo that will preform better than the lower impedance 990s and also is a signature that is semi close to a 990.

I do think that grabbing something like a monolith liquid spark and then plugging it into the line out of the motherboard would be a good choice to elevate the headphone’s performance, and would also allow you to consider a 990 250 (or even 600)


Thanks! So he‘ll get the Tygr, would a Antlion mic be fine with them?

Yeah you could attach a modmic without issue and that would be pretty nice

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Thanks a lot!

No problem :+1:

Now i got a question, he got the TYGR today, and says that his current PC (a 4-5 years old XMG Prime) does barely have enough power to drive them to an acceptable level. I am surprised by this because the are 32 ohms, and are 96db which should not make this hard to drive i‘d think. Is this normal? Or might his current PCs output suck?

Is he plugging into front or back panel audio? If he’s using front panel try using back (since front panel is typically worse). Also I am not super familiar with anything XMG, so potentially his PC audio could be subpar compared to what at least I’m used to.

If it really can’t drive it enough, then picking up one of those 100 buck amps and using the line out of the motherboard dac for the time being is worthwhile imo

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