What else do I need?

Getting my toes wet a little, picked out the Sennheiser PC38X set for my PC (need the mic setup) and a Schiit Fulla 4. I understand the Fulla 4 is complete overkill for the PC38X but I love having the idea of the speaker/mic 3.5mm being directly accessible wherever I mount the Fulla and whatever tiny advantage I’ll have instead using my motherboard to power the PC38X’s.

Can anyone direct me to what extra wires I’ll need or adapters? The Fulla is on a 12-14 week back order so I have some time lol.

It looks like all you’ll need is a 3.5 to 6.35 adapter (1/8’ to 1/4’ in murica :stuck_out_tongue: )
The PC38X comes with two wires. One that leads to a headphone-mic combo jack, which you could use on your phone (if you own a dinosaur like mine :wink: ). The other leads to a split headphone and microphone jack. Both 3.5mm. The Fulla has a 3.5mm microphone port (so that’ll fit) and a 6.35mm headphone port (so adapter).

As for overkill… I wouldn’t say?
Plugging it directly into the motherboard might cause a lot of interference. Mine sounds like an absolute mess, something that becomes only more apparent with easier to drive headphones. So while you might not need the power, it’ll be nice to have the clean signal :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips!

Does ‘name brand’ matter so much with adapters or any 3.5 to 6.35 adapter will be sufficient?

Just get a stereo once xD

I bought a mono one and almost wanted to blame my headphones for it bahahaha

have you looked on the used market on for the Fulla or the Hel? better availability n prices are almost a guarantee :wink:

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