What Fabric Are These Ear Pads?

I bought these ear pads forever ago:
[OG Ear Pads]
And then the company no longer sold them

This option for that ear pad never said what type of fabric it was. I’ve tried protein leather, velvet, velour, combo’s and nothing feels as soft and supple as these. They sound incredible (mind you I’m no expert) and feel even more incredible. I wore them all day at work for years.

After years of searching I have found them again, but since the border is closed, I had to get the more expensive Canadian option.

Firstly, I was wondering if anyone has tried these and knows what the fabric is on them. I’ve seen everything from flannel to linen to just grey in the descriptions.
New Breed

Secondly I was wondering if Zeos had a PO Box, as I would gladly buy him a pair and have him let me know i’m not crazy about how awesome these are. From what I’ve seen of his pad collection, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like these. He needs to experience this.

It’s hard to tell from just a picture, looks like some kind of knit to me but it’s really just a guess. I would just take one to a fabric store and ask one of the employees there, they could probably tell you.

have you thought to post a question on one of the listings or msg the reseller / manufacturer directly and ask? :slight_smile:

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Looks like the same material monoprice uses here


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