What for Planar Phone for Beginner?

Hi there,
what would be a good planar headphones to get started?
I saw the Hifiman at Massdrop once, the he 350 and the He4xx, and the Sundura i see ofter.
I currently listen to a lot of music with bass.Hip hop from old classics 50 cents, DR.Dre, Snoob ect …
Rock and a few charts.
If exist other planar headphones as Hifiman?
I find not bad,but i hate her Quality problems and her cheap cabels.

Can I drive it on a Shiit Vali2 or would it be too weak?



The he4xx is an excellent starting planar headphone, I would start there imo, there are other options, but they are at a higher price for similar performance imo. Your amps should be just fine

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HE-350 are dynamics, 4XX are planar. If you’re a bass junkie, you won’t care for the 4XX as they aren’t bass monsters. I would still suggest them, as they are very clean (at least from what I’ve had the pleasure of listening to), and you may like them. I can’t think of many others beyond maybe some Monoprice models (M350 in ears, M565/M565C and M560 headphones)
You can still find the HE-400I and M1060 (openbox) for under $200, so either of those or the 4XX are the best places to start. I’m sure @M0N knows more about the difference between them, as I haven’t heard the 400i or M1060

The 4xx and 400i are pretty much similar in sound. I would prefer the 4xx/400i to the m1060, it has some issues that really prevent it from being good imo

I would prefer just about anything to the M1060/M1060C. I really thought they sounded awful.

The 4xx definitely isn’t bassy like an Argon but it can be EQd and makes up for the volume with control and speed. I think that sounds better for 90s hip hop than just loud bass.

4xx are a great first planar… highly recommended just about anywhere and I love mine… very good for hip hop but i do prefer it with a bass boost (for hip hop)… but if you can afford a sundara then why not :man_shrugging: … I havent heard it but its supposed to be a cut above the 4xx and the improved bass on the revision might serve hip hop well

Edit: for beginner though get the 4xx… then the sundara later if you feel you need an upgrade… yeah… final answer

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Sundara is awesome town! :smiley: I didnt like the 4xx. Certainly doesnt compare to the Sundara. Also the Sivga P2 is really good. I liked it better then the Sundara, Hi, I’m Anthony Page :slightly_smiling_face:

Planar for beginner = He4xx. No doubt, get one, enjoy it and when and if you want to go further in the future there will be plenty of options. For the measly 130 USD it costs it’s unbeatable. If you sell it in a year you will loose 30 bucks, maybe. So it’s totally worth it for you to start this way.


They put it back up to $180 a couple of days ago.

Damnit, it’s true.

I actually disliked the he4xx and he400i quite a bit. The bass was too thin and the treble had a peak that bothered me. Pad changes made things worse imo (I have a huge pad collection) and I personally don’t EQ much, if at all.

But I’m in the minority and a lot of people rather enjoy the he4xx.

I think if you are looking for a planar that has good bass, you should look at the He4xx or He400i. Both have good bass and are good starter planars.
The other that might be worth considering if you want good bass are the Verum. They are pretty good.
If you have a powerful amplifier, I would highly suggest looking at T50rp mods like Argons. Good bass. But they require tons of power.

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Thanks for reply,guys.

I have see Massdrop rebuy the He 4xx for 180$,damm.
Find to expensiv for a try and after your rewiev about.I think is not the best.
Only the He 35 is for 95$.

Sivga dont exist in Europe.

The he350 is not planar, it is dynamic driver

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inexpensive planars are not exactly plentiful… is the t20rp a planar? those might fit the budget

It is planar but doesn’t really sound like one tbh, it doesn’t have some of the aspects associated with planar

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Well depends on bass you are looking for. If you want safe linear , tight, with good extension the he 400i and he 4xx have good bass but if you want boomy fun bass I would personally look elsewhere


Right. Kind of why I also mentioned Argons and T50 mods.

Thanks for reply.:+1:

I have think a lot about this theme.And look a little bit more.
In one thing i read a little bit who say‘s Planar of low coast base is not really good.
And want a really good planar need more money.

So Hifi man was at first not bad,but her Quality problems i don‘t would it.
The Cable for example i don‘t would invest in a new cable for 80$ more.when for example the H4 xx cost 180$.
For the Price i have see the Monoprice.
The Fostex is not bad,but need Power 3000 mw,the Schiit Vali 2 don‘t push him.

So i think is better when i buy first the Questyle Cma400i at first when i find him good.So i don‘t have any problems with power for long time.
And later maybe a Dan clark, Sendy Avia or the Lcd 2.
Perhaps for a try the Fostex who is cost not the world.

Many thanks for reply,guys.Many was a good help for me :wink:.