What games are you playing?

I haven’t gamed much in a long time, but thinking about Sins of a Solar Empire and the Star Wars / Star Trek mods and playing them again.

Right now War Thunder.

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I have never played that one…but I did play and spend over a grand on World of Tanks. I stopped playing after my brother died, as he was my playing buddy. haven’t really played anything since then and that was 6 yeas ago.

my new Ryzen 5000 rig I’m building this weekend will be able to play games, and SoaS came up in conversation and I remembered how much fun I had playing the mods for it.

Prison Architect

I am so happy GoG does not track play time :smiley:

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prison architect…designing prisons, I take?

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Found one of the older trailers:


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a bit different, there are no hit points. What counts is armor and armor pen, certain tanks have certain weak points and so forth. It has a lot more vehicles I think. Also there’s combined ops, you can use airplanes and helicopters in ground ops. It’s also very grindy which I hate, it’s even hard if you have premium.

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