What genre is this?

Stimela (Coal Train) - YouTube

A friend sent this to me the other day. It speaks to my soul and I’d like to know what the hell it is.


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Jazz. Hugh Masekela is the father of South African jazz.

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does it matter about the marketing? think genre is anti music/ art in general. just enjoy & stop trying to put art into a box, or it might stay there & you’ll have less :v: :sunglasses: :+1:

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RYM list the following genre for this track: Afro-Jazz, Mbaqanga, Cape Jazz

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:+1: Good advice. Humans seem to need to categorize, which at times just
gets in the way, lol.


Hugh Masakela is typically African tinged jazz, but that track has a real blues feel to it, not really Jazz. I’d say African Blues.

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