What happened to the for sale thread?

I can’t find the for sale thread on the forum. Did we lose the privilege to have one or something? Or am I just an idiot and missing it? Or something else entirely? Thanks for any help/explanations!

For Sale is still there for me?
Not sure why it’s gone for you.

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19 hours ago you were commenting on it :smile:

hm all the evidence points in the wrong direction for you J XD
but dont worry im always told, as an idiot myself, it helps with the staying happy part of life ^^

I know and when I follow the link above it takes me there, but it doesn’t show the thread for me when I enter that section of the forum. Did I do something wrong?

Can still see it normally :thinking:

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You might have clicked “Dismiss” button?
If the Sale thread has been in under the “Unread” topics for you.

Have been there :kissing_smiling_eyes: (dismiss just new posts or stop tracking topics)


How do I fix that?

Nevermind, somehow I muted it, but I fixed it. Thanks guys!