What have been your favorite door speakers so far?

Curious to see what models/brands people enjoy the most

I want this for my new Miata… Probably keep is sub-less as it’s got a tiny trunk and I want to conserve space.


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Focal Utopia has to be the one, the most nro 1. With proper amps and hours of hours of tuning and getting settings just right. Pure madness and sound.

Also a full Gladen AeroSpace car was mind blowing and drooling experience… after hours of hours tuning and settings.

Also very very good speakers.
DLS Ultimate

Focal K2

Getting down to normal levels of madness and On the daily use car, the Focal Performance ain’t bad. They pretty good for every day use.

Also Rainbow and Helix had very nice car speakers that sound very nice. Pretty hard to remember them all but few good ones have burned in memory. Experience was so good.


Focal is great the 3 way K2 setup is 2.5k + install and the Utopia 2 way is 2K + install… Gosh I hope they are near perfect for that price!

Sound demo of their M line:

17 years ago I ran Focal Polyglass. They were the best I had used, I’m old school so before that I had
Boston Pro, Rockford Audiophile, and Xtant speakers.

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My fav are the Hybrid Audio Legatia if Im spelling it corretly.

take a look at Audio Frog GB series or the GS for more budget friendly.
I run an Arc Audio RS3.0 and RS1.0 in my truck with a Thiel 8" for midbass