What headphones use a dual 3.5mm jack?

I just bought a balanced Periapt Cable to connect my Hifiman HE4xxx (new 3.5 version).

What other headphones also use the dual 3.5 jack interface?
I would like to get as much use out of this cable as possible.

For those wondering, I got the Z review edition. Its just so obnoxious I love it… kind of like Zeos.

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Seems like a common format, struggling to come up with a good list though.
All the Hifiman family at this point, I believe. Focal? Meze 99?

The focal Elegia. not sure any other focal, but suspect they do as well

Thanks, That’s a good enough list to give me a few goals for 2022.

All of the Focals use dual 3.5mm to my knowledge.
The Rosson RAD-0’s do as well
Meze 99’s you need to have very thin connectors because they’re set deep in the cups
I believe the 2nd Gen Beyer T1’s are also dual 3.5mm.

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Focal, Final Audio (stock cables lock though, so only skinny connectors work), high-end consumer Beyerdynamics

I’d make sure you have slimmer connector housings for the beyers and the 99s in order to use them, and finals are locking 3.5mm which can be hit or miss depending on the cable.

Some of the kennerton and LSA headphones use 3.5mm, higher end sonys also have 3.5mm, higher end denon as well. And the aforementioned rosson, newer hifiman, and focal

Verum one v2 as well, audeze lcd 1

I think many of the newer Hifiman … my HE400se do

I am trying to decide what balanced cable I should pick up for it, since it shipped SE, and am torn on the right answer.

Where and what are you using them on?

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Usually on a BTR5 or a DIY desktop amp, but both are 2.5mm balanced. Typically I use them for movies or gaming, if I am on the go, I tend to use IEMs ( which are my work day solution ).

I am debating if Hart cables are worth it. I know the first hit is pretty expensive, but then you just need the correct end for the headphone to the interconnect, which isn’t as pricey as a decent standard cable. On that front I was thinking something like the Tripowin GranVia, but open to other ideas.

Harmonicdyne Zeus uses dual 3.5 mm.

I’m really curious about those RAD-0’s I wonder if they’re worth all the hype.

From my experience I found the rad-0 pretty meh, and nothing to write home about considering the cost, a bit overpriced even, just didn’t match the technical ability of other options at that price point. But they weren’t bad or anything, just costly for what they were