What is my weak link?

So, i’ve had my speaker set-up for a while now and I am curious as to what my “weak link” may be and what you guys think I should upgrade. Also, I have the Triangle Titus 202’s for my secondary setup and I was curious if the Topping PA3 is still a decent option. I can grab one for $70 but want some opinions first. Thanks!
Speakers: Triangle Borea BR03
Amplifier: Allo Volt+ D
DAC: Schiit Modi 3

It is but personally I think a warmer amp might be a preference here imo, iirc the 202 could use something that adds more body

I guess I would ask what do you like about this setup, and what would you want to change about it? Personally I would say you could get a nice quality bump with a nicer dac and amp, but what you would go to would depend on what you are after imo

Ok, so any recommendations for a budget amplifier for the 202’s? They are definitely a bright speaker but I got them for $50 so I’m going to hold onto them. As for my main set-up I guess i’m satisfied with what I have but am curious as to if I may not be getting as much out of the BR03s as I could with another Amp/DAC although I do love the Allo Volt+ D, it is a super clean amp and has no hissing what so ever, only complaint would probably be power but they power my BR03s fine with the 19V PSU, I do have a 24V that came with it but havent tried it because I heard it measures it’s best with the 19V.

I was going to mention like a basx a100 but that seems like a fair bit to put into a speaker you got for 50 bucks lol. But the pa3 would be a clean way to power them but they might lack body and sound a bit dry

I think if you wanted something also great from allo, I’ve been liking the revolution dac, really cool and imo a noticeable upgrade over a modi 3, lots of flexibility as well.

I was going to say if you liked the volt d to upgrade the psu, personally I would try the 24v and see if you notice anything different. There are a fair amount of higher end aftermarket psu that could potentially change and improve performance later on if you liked the amp

Thinking of it now if I were to upgrade my main system amplifier I could just use the Allo Volt for the 202’s, guess i’m interested in a budget amplifier rec for the 202’s as well as a around $350 recommendation for the BR03s.

That would work

That would still prob be the pa3, there aren’t many good warmer cheaper speaker amps in the budget range imo (under 100 at least new)

So what do you want to prioritize sound wise?

Ok, i’ll give the 24v a shot today and see how much a difference it makes. Wish the Allo was more common as I like to buy everything used and would just grab another one if I could find one. As to what I prioritize sound wise I guess I would say resolution/detail is the most important thing to me.

Personally I think you might want to go higher than 350 imo, but in that range I like the denon pma600ne with it also the yamaha a-s301 was pretty great, there are a couple more amps I have tried the triangles on but they were warmer amps that weren’t as detail forward

I would consider looking at that allo dac though, that would give you a nice performance bump

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Ok will look into those! Works out because then I can just use the Volt and the Modi with the 202s. Any idea what the difference between the pma600ne and pma800ne is?

800ne has more power and features iirc, I demoed both side by side but I can’t say the 800 was significantly better sound wise


Forgot to mention as well there is a guy local to me selling a Schiit Vidar, have you heard this amplifier? May that be worth a shot for a good deal?

It’s a solid amp, how much is he asking? It’s not exactly up your alley being that it’s a smoother more warmer and meaty amp that isn’t focused on detail and clarity, but imo it would be fun with the triangles

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I think I could get it for $400

That’s a pretty good deal, used I think they tended to go for around 600-500 range but idk currently. You would also need some sort of preamp or volume control. The allo has volume control in oversampling (but to bypass the filters you also disable volume control I think)

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I’d probably just grab a used Schiit Sys or something for $30.

Sounds like a plan if you go that route


Thanks for the help as always M0N! Glad to see you seem to be much more active again!