What is recommended for my use case?


Having gotten into audiophilia through headphones, I got my first speaker system when i moved in my new apartment earlier this year. I was blown away at how good it sounded given the budget, but i could tell there are certain things that could improve.

I currently have: Smart TV, toslink Digital Output -> Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro, RCA to 3.5mm cable -> Aux Input of SMSL AD18 -> Klipsch R-51m Speakers

I bought a Denon AVR-X1600H that’s on sale right now. I have been switching back and forth from the Denon and the SMSL + Geshelli DAC and the Denon is definitely an improvement but its a full blown AV receiver with 7.2 surround and a bunch of features I don’t need since i’m just looking to have a 2 channel stereo setup. So i’ve started looking at integrated amplifiers like the NAD c316bee v2, Cambridge Audio AXA35 and Denon PMA-600NE.

I honestly bought the AV receiver rather impulsively cause it seemed like a good deal and I listened to it at the store and liked it, without really thinking its not REALLY what i’m looking for, like previously mentioned. Although, seeing my use case (this is connected to my Fire TV to watch movies and stream music on TIDAL), it may be a better solution than an integrated amplifier but I don’t really have experience with speaker setups to really know. So given my use case, what do you recommend?

I live in a small apartment so i’m not really looking to have it sound super loud and just looking to keep the setup simple with 2 speakers for now.

What price range are you looking around? Honestly the 600NE is excellent if you want a 2 channel receiver imo

The AV Receiver i bought was around $430 on sale down from like $600 MSRP, the integrated amps i mentioned are all around that price range. I just don’t know if i should return the AV receiver and get one of those, or keep it given what my intentions are with my setup.

I would say if you wanted a solid 2 channel integrated amp, the 600NE, PS audio sprout100, NAD C 316BEE, or Marantz PM5005 are excellent choices imo

The sprout100 also has an actually pretty good headphone out imo if that matters to you

Ok, i guess my question is: are those $400 i spent on that surround sound av receiver better spent on a 2 channel integrated amp if i’m just using 2 speakers on stereo?

For sound wise, probably the 2-channel stereo might be better quality.
If you only want and use 2-channel stereo and can hook every device for Smart TV, no Smart support between devices. Stereo amp might be the better way.

AVR in most cases are for surround use. Plenty of connector for other devices, video support and so on and so on. Smart functions turn devices off and on, single remote usually work. Easy.

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