What is that sound?

Help educate my ears / vocabulary?

I listen to a huge array of music, from classic rock to modern kpop, orchestral (sometimes even classic orchestral), EDM, hip hop, big band and its younger cousin jazz, country, and even some acoustic folk.

None of the recordings I listen to, on any platform display this phenomenon as clearly as the following video:

There is a sound pressure effect at the leading edge of some of the guitar work. It doesn’t sound bad, in fact, at slightly decreased volume, I kind of like it. Nonetheless, it /feels/ like I stuck my head into a sub enclosure - there’s a physical motion inside the cups of my headphones.

I don’t get this impact from hard hitting deep bass thumps, not on youtube, not on itunes, and not when I play a CD via MPC. It seems just different than the impact of bass, but the only thing I can compare it to is when you’re at a concert in a small enclosed venue (think local band sort of show) and you can feel the kick bass in your chest.

What is that sound that I am feeling as much as hearing, coming from an acoustic guitar with a microphone drilled into its sound box?

/in a Freudian voice - this signifies repressed sexual desires to couple with front firing sub ports.

that or you’re being affected by the voices in my head too… :wink:

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Are you referring to the attack of the guitar? He is Travis picking and I think you are talking about the resonance of the lower notes?

Here’s my favorite song with that style:

Is that what it’s called? Yes, I am hearing it in Dust in the Wind as well, but to a lesser extent (or maybe just less aggressively?).

So is the air pressure I am hearing / feeling the attack, the resonance of the lower notes, or the combination of the attack with resonance?

The track was recorded extremely well, it is Fleetwood Mac after all.

Watching the video it seems they have a pickup/microphone inside the sound box. Guitars have amazing harmonics so when he hits that low string the sound box swells with warmth. Its just a combination of a lot of things happening just the right way to get that sound. The player, the person recording, the well tuned guitar, the well manufactured guitar, the mix engineer and the mastering engineer.

There is just a lot that is happening right. Even for youtube’s compression the song translates really well.

welcome to the world of acoustic guitar. you are hearing the actual strings and not a digital representation. combine that with well recording and an emphasis on the guitar, and viola!

If you want more of it, look up peeps using standing bass. your whole body will feel the notes.

edit: you are quite right when you say it sounds like im sticking my head in a sub box. acoustic guitars are hollow, electric are not. that allows the notes to develop before amplification, adding in resonance due to the wood of the guitar. that whole process is skiped in electric guitar.

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It’s funny. I’ve listened to quite a lot of acoustic guitar live and never had that experience. I mean a lot. In various settings such as actual concerts, in living rooms, in a natural amphitheather, and even in a bathtub once. Strangely, my favorite was in what has to have been the most acoustically terrible space I’ve ever heard live music played, which was the stairwell of a concrete dormitory building. Objectively, the space was really REALLY bad, full of random echos and standing waves, but for some reason, music just really shone on the third floor landing.

I’ve never had that experience with acoustic guitar before.

I guess its an artifact of wearing headphones.

theres a stairway that has been recorded in extensively because of its wonky reflections. cant remember the name of it. some of my favorite shows have been at “terrible” acoustic spots. basements, tiny bars, garages, barns. the list goes on lol. there can for sure be magic in tragic.

I love that saying… Magic in tragic. How the hell did I live 42 years on this earth and never hear such a simple, wonderful rhyme?

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Michael Hedges with his acoustic guitar attacks :ok_hand:

mmmm - There it is. Gentler, but definitely there. I think the thing I was first asking about is a resonance well below 100 hz that strikes as part of the attack on certain notes.

This track had it too, but it was gentler, smoother, and more part of the rhythm than just with transient notes.