What is the best active / powered speakers?

I want powerful, great bass and great clarity. What are the best active / powered speakers for this?

Optimal price range?

I just bought the Swan M5A’s. But the box was badly damaged in shipping. Because of the rough handling by UPS, they have problems. Those were 1699.00 USD. So, 1700.00 USD OR LESS. Thanks.

Please suggest for 1700.00 usd or less, thanks.

Adam T5V
Dali Rubicons

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Where can I buy DR? I’m in USA.

For the $800, the Edifier S3000 Pros are hard to beat. Full range of features and great sound.

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I thought about them, but no sub out plug.

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I considered those quite a bit, but many reviews say the bass sucks on them.

Focal Shape twin maybe? or Shape 65.

Genelec it is the sonic reference. Loud speakers from Master Studio series or not so HC ones the Studio Series.
But if you want the best, you need to amp the budget.

I might buy the Swan M5A’s again if my bank can get their stuff straight. They blocked me the other day. I think the speaker seller tripped my card security for some reason.

I bought the Swan M5A again. Last time the box was badly damaged from UPS, and the speakers were making funny noises. Hopefully UPS treats this shipment better.

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