What is the best desk speakers under $150?

Given how scarce the inventory for the RB42 is.
what is the best alternative? passive or powered does not matter

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A good option is the Fluance SX6, as they are very solid on a desk

You can also get a pair of Klipsch R-41M for fairly cheap, so that’s something to consider

Also the Micca OoO speakers seem to be in stock, but I have not heard these personally so I can’t comment on the sound

I’ve heard the Micca near field and they are astonishing at the price point BUT they are power hungry. You would need to give them plenty of power to get the most out of them.

KEF Q100 with front port - saw a set for 199 Euros today
we use it on our desk in a 2.1 setup

works very good nearfield and does not need the subwoofer
maybe you can find a used set