What is the best headphone and IEM?

well RG, I’m actually trying to get as few recommendations as possible…to find the real wunderkind cans. th one’s that stand out above the rest for the particular reason they do everything better than everyone else; perhaps even headphones that are substantially more.

well for budget options I will just throw out the 880 for wide soundstage all rounder and for intimate all rounder the 58x are my votes

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I know it’s old, but I found them (the free earbuds with Samsung phones) super harsh, and also the build sucks because the filters fell out because they were glued on, and the right piece is at lower volume now than the left one, so something broke lol. Decent sound but not very durable. Also the fit was horrible.

Interesting. I thought they are pretty ok when I heard them. They were the akg tuned ones right?

Yep. AKG on the them. They were 10 dollars or something I think.

so to my knowledge those cost 75, and in amazon there are some sold cheap like 10-20 bucks but all the reviews say those are fake since, again, the real ones are quite expensive at 75 or so

Really? I think the ones I got were really cheap. They were made out of cheap plastic. The ones I see online are nice metal. Definitely not the same. I think AKG just puts their name on them.

there are a lot of headphones made out of plastic that are on the level of epic. Stax is a good example.

Are these the ones? I got them with my S8 and I though they were pretty good for stock earphones

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Close… mine were darker and had a smaller remote.