What is the best headphone and IEM?

what are the headphones from lofi budgets to hifi budgets that are really good all-rounders?

by best I mean they do everything better than average and do so for all music genre’s in general. things like:

  • build quality
  • fit / comfort levels (ie. type of pads and headband and it’s clamping force)
  • soundstage and imaging

this would also assume that they don’t suffer from major flaws like frequency spikes or muddy bass. nothing rolls off. good speed, transparency and such.

if you think the equipment / sources are important…the DAC is the ENOG2, the DAC is the Archel 2.5 for the headphones and for the IEM, the ES100 v2. source / media is FLAC.

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for lo fi I want to say the CAL and IEM from what IVE heard T2 or blons

I have(had) the Tin T2 and the BLONS and for lofi i would say the BLONS is easily better. But since he said lofi budgets maybe he didn’t mean lofi music? seems to be asking for all rounders in a high end and low end budget


yes, all rounders is a good way to say it. and this day and age there are a number of headphones that are exception at many price points. at the point you’re buying summit-fi level gear in the $3000+ bracket, everything is just going to sound amazing (caveats excepted). so let’s cap at $2000 and go as low as you want (here’s looking at you Sony MH755’s).

The “free” earbuds you get with some samsung phones (the akg tuned ones) tbh aren’t that bad


I do enjoy my mh 755’s more than my t2’s instead of lo fi can we make a new bracket? ultra budget fi?

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I would define lo-fi as anything below $100 personally.

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or can we make more defined brackets? and name them based on prices? I prupose
one at $30>low lofi
$20-$100 lofi
$100-$250 lower mid fi
$250-$300 mid fi
$300 - $500 upper mid fi
$500-$700 lower hifi
$700- $900 hifi
$900- $1500 upper hifi
$1500 and up is summit fi
dont misunderstand lower upper for examnple it’s still midfi regardless if lower or higher mid fi cause massdrop and chifi makes a lot of these lines blurry AF

I feel like we have tried to do this before somewhere on this forum… I don’t think it worked out so anyway lol

it really doesn’t sound is way too subjective for it to work and there are really no defined lines in the names thats why I just proposed a new system strictly based on pricing

Yeah I agree with using price, I was mainly saying that we couldn’t come up with grouping names last time (that most agreed with)

tru if we get rid of the names it’s much better cause naming price points make people who have budget gear invalidated

or people in general who like to think they have certain levels of gear. like the words lofi and midfi in this conotation is very misleading

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Yeah, and for each person the summet fi or hifi might be at different price points

exactly and with cans where people claim to punch waaay above it’s price point those titles get really blurry too

Best all-rounder I’ve heard in terms of the sound and build, etc. is my ZMF Aeolus with universe suede pads. It’s pretty neutral, but with a bump in the bass and mids to keep them exciting instead of just flat neutral. Pretty forgiving of not so very well produced music and seems great with everything so far. Build is amazing, feel solid, comfortable, leather strap and the pillowy suede pads. Soundstage is average, imaging is fine. Instruments and vocals sound natural. I got them for < $1000, but they’d be > $1200 if bought normally. Also by pad rolling, you can make the headphone sound ‘really dark’, ‘fun’, or ‘even more neutral to the point of boring, if that’s your thing’.

I’d reccommend the blon bl-03 if you replace its stock cable and tips, it’s like $40 and handles all genres well to me. I feel similar about the tinhifi p1, but you need good foam tips and decent power to drive it well. It’s neutral and detailed, also pretty good for everything.

no RG…no prices. if someone things there is only one option and it’s $500, they can say it. if some think there is more than one at different price points, they can share those.

I was proposing price ranges for organisation sales and you know people have different budgets and such

I can see a disagreement as to where summit-fi might start. I can see it being as low as $2000 and up to $3000 and up.

I personally would define lo-fi as $100 and lower while mid-fi to hi-fi would be $101 to $999 with the point mid becomes hi being harder to agree upon.

I forget the term at the moment, but there is another ‘-fi’ between hi and summit…which would fit the $1000 - $2000 / $3000 range, though I would lean on the lower as I am certain the Stellia should be classified as summit-fi.

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I honestly don’t see whats wrong with that. I was just trying to define the lo fi midfi, hifi titles cause they are really not defined

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