What is the best kind of banana plugs to use?

For a while i’ve been using common Sewell banana plugs on my cables, however as they age, they tend to simply fall off the cables and bending them back doesn’t work for long.
I was looking around Aliexpress and i saw there are multiple types of banana plugs i haven’t used before, such as these:

Have you guys used any of these before?
The screw locking design (1st picture) seems particularly interesting for this purpose, but opinions are always good to hear.

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Does your amp require bananas? Can you use spade or unterminated instead?

The amp in question is a Topping PA3, all of the options are available, but bananas are the ones that fit the best.

I think spades, sideways, would would work too.

Since you are reterminating your cables, you may want to consider spades if you can find them easier. You’ll get more contact area.

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I can, but i think it would have to pretty slim ones to clear the RCA inputs at the left side.
I could install them pointing up as well, but that’s surely gonna strain the cable, which is why i don’t like to use the cables unterminated.