What is the best product for making your already owned IEMs True Wireless with little to no cable involved under $100 that has the best budget to sound quality ratio?

If sound quality would not be a discernible difference because they are all Bluetooth, then what product in my budget would have the best user experience, build quality, small form factor, etc…

There are 2 current option the FIIO TWS 3 (I think the 5 are coming soon) or the TRN BT30s
both have upside and downsides, as far as I know the FIIO and the TRN sound similar (though I haven’t heard the FIIO), so its more a feature and form factor thing.

Personally I went for the TRN mainly because of the swappable connectors but the FIIO has a few tricks up its sleeve as well

PS there are also a dirt-cheap set from KZ that also is supposed to be decent but I haven’t tried them and they only come in 2 pin

If you’re willing to spend more. IMHO the Shure TWS adaptor is the best on the market.