What is the Best Sub on Amazon?

I was thinking about it, and there are tons of good subs out there these days, but a lot of them are on internet direct stores and things like that. I just got a bunch of Amazon gift cards recently, and it got me wondering, if you can only buy on amazon, what are your best options? Not necessarily asking for personal recommendations, just wondering what’s out there.

I mean if you wanted output and the best on amazon, you could get the SVS PB16 Ultra (or a pair), or if you wanted better quality you could get a REL S/812. The MartinLogan Dynamo 1600x is also good. ELAC SUB2050 is also good. The KEF R400b is also on there. Monitor Audio Apex AW12 too. I’m sure there are more but that just comes to mind as subs that are somewhat readily available on amazon. There are more but they are more sketch sellers or something to where I personally wouldn’t feel safe buying them.

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Yep, he did use the word “best”. Those are all top notch choices available on Amazon, i know i had this same dilemma a few weeks ago. M0N knows his stuff.

I wouldn’t call those best, I would just say they are very solid options that are able to be found on amazon from a seller that doesn’t look sketchy lol

Hey, i used the words “top notch” and he specifically said amazon, just like i did. Either way, all your recommendations are solid performers💪

i think hsuresearch.com or rythmikaudio.com are better choices than amazon.com for a sub =)

Yes, but you can’t buy those with amazon gift cards lol. I can absolutely vouch for Rythmik subs, just awesome

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very true lol

Yeah I wasn’t necessarily looking for hard recommendations, my plan is still eventually to get a Rythmik, but I got an email about Klipsch subs on amazon the other day and it just got me thinking about what the actual decent options are on Amazon, because I’d say outside of like SVS, Monoprice THX, and ML, there isn’t a lot on there that I would feel confident recommending to someone.

I can vouch for the monolith thx subs, i like them very much, solid performers and with the plugs can vary the output. Also, the REL series are very well built and play excellent, at least in my opinion and to my ears and tastes. Sound is so subjective…good luck and happy listening.

Another not-on-Amazon sub I would whole-heartedly recommend is the RSL Speedwoofer 10s. It is ludicrous for the money, in terms of output, feature set and sound quality.

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I had heard of that one recently and was curious. It seems like a a budget item fighting in the budget realm but I had not found anything to read about its quality at the time. Good to get a positive comment from someone on it :+1:

Look up some reviews, it’s got quite the pedigree. I got mine as a trial to replace an SVS SB1000 for a nearfield setup, and now I don’t think I would recommend the SVS to someone who has any way to get the 10S instead. Don’t get me wrong, the SB1000 is great for what it is (and is going to a friend’s setup), but the 10S just outclasses it in every way at $100 LESS. The only thing that the SB1000 does better is that it has a smaller footprint; the 10S is a large enclosure for a 10", but man, it does work.

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I have wondered about the 10S before, I did a lot of reading on it and it seems like a pretty incredible deal for the money. being able to get dual quality subs for like 800 also seems pretty appealing. I like the wireless adapter thing too, seems like a good way to alleviate some cable clutter