What is the best TWS currently

Pretty much title…

I have a timeless and like it. I have a MEST MK2 and I like it. But recently and rarely use them and always keep gravitating towards the cheap 30$ earfun TWS I bought long time ago for online work meetings, because it is just so convenient. I also tried some bluetooth adapters, but they are all bulky/clumsy and in the end not as convenient.

I tried the Galaxy Buds 2 long time ago and found the SQ much better than the earfun (no surprise really), but they botched the SBC codec (and since Samsung doesn’t support other codex like aptX that was a deal breaker)

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 look tempting, but I don’t know if the planar lifes up to the timeless (i heard a couple of bad planar implementation/drivers since the timeless) and while I would think the price would be worth it for a wireless timeless, it is pretty high for a device that has a battery and will definitely die in a few years time.

Other than that and some Apple TWS I didn’t like i didn’t get a chance to test stuff.

Any recommendations or pointers as to what i should check out? It seems like there are not a lot of reviews for TWS out there that are consider SQ…

Well you could also consider using something like the FIIO TWS which basically makes every iem to a TWS, they have some quality control issues (ive had 2 malfunction after 1-2 years) but overall its a great way to get great sound and it support higher codexs

as i said: “I also tried some bluetooth adapters, but they are all bulky/clumsy and in the end not as convenient.”

IMO the TRN BT20XS is just as convenient as the “real” TWS (Sony WF-XM3, galaxy buds pro, etc…).

i don’t know… just the receiver/adapter thing weighs already more than a tws. add to that the iem and you are already at double the weight. And then you have a less comfortable fit (including over ear hooks and a dongle dangling behind your ear) and a case that has to be at least what? 3 times bigger/heavier than a regular tws case?

Weight is distributed better since it hangs behind your ears as well.

The hooks dont bother me at all, and you can have a much better fitting iem since u can pick among a much bigger selection, with tws iems you are stuck with whatever you have.

Case is around 2x taller, but similar otherwise.

Iem + adapter > TWS iems

but YMMW.

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