What is the end all gamingcans setup?

Ive seen many vids of Zeos approving various headsets. But i could really use some all-in-one gamingcans advice.

-Looking for closed back due to living in the city
-Want to run virtual surround
-Footsteps over bass
-What DAC/AMP do i need?

No expert, so im asking.

If you want an all in one headset, how about audio technicas AG1x? They have a great mic and the drivers are the same as on the A700X. They’re not the most cost effective, but they’re straightforward. They don’t even need an amp, so just plug them into your computer.

I have the AG1x and use it with my PS4 with two Astro Mix Amp Pros. This is my gaming endgame.

I use the two mix amps to control game and chat volume along with audio that comes from my PC.

Definitely look at the Audeze Mobius. It’s $400 and is supposed to also be great general-use Bluetooth headphones.
Or you could get a surround sound DAC/Amp like Soundblaster G6 or Sennheiser GSX 1000. I chose the G6 because it has greater power output to drive things like the HD650. Soundblaster’s software also has tweaks to help you optimize for things like footstep volume.

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