What is the “tubiest” tube hybrid amp?

I’ve tried the CTH and Liquid Platinum. Both sound very solid state. The RNHP has markedly more warmth and “liveliness” than either of these and it makes me sad. I love planars and that requires a hybrid approach if I want the tube experience.

What should I be checking out? What have I missed?

The LP can sound more “tubey” with the right tube, but it’s an expensive tube to roll, I haven’t really played much with my CTH and tubes.
You could try the Schiit amps or the TA10/20.
A lot of people seem to think that tube amps should be in your face wet like the dark voice.
FWIW Most good tube amps don’t sound like that, they present as good clean sound usually with some additional mid/low end richness.

If you want a tube sound you probably want a tube amp, and that (unless you get into higher end amps) usually rules out planars.
A HD600/6xx/650 and a Bottlehead crack with Speedball is an astonishing combination if you can run to it.
In other reasonably priced tube amps to pair with a HD600/6XX/650 I really like the the SW51+ and EC ZDT Jr is pretty nice, but the SW51+ is completely unavailable and the ZDT Jr you have to find used, and deal with the potential hum issue.

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hmm, isn’t the bottlehead crack considered to sound real tubey?

Thanks, I’ve been looking at the ta20, if it’s anything like the LP I guess I could try rolling it with the extra price overhead. I’ve got a gold lion on the way for the CTH (this sounds more or less like the LP minus one tube IMO). Maybe that will do what I’m looking for.

Yes but I don’t think it’s hybrid so my planars would be useless with it, which is all but one (focal clears) of my headphones and that’s unlikely to change

It does without the speedball, still good, but very wet, and a bit lacking control.
With the speedball, it’s a much more refined amp, it’s much more controlled, though still on the wet side, but with the right headphones, it can play in the same arena as pretty much anything under $1K IMO.

Apparently this is an extremely refined form of Tubey but its a matter of cost that makes it non feasible to most



I feel very differently about those amps.
The CTH is Cavali light, and an adequate at best amp.
The LP is an excellent clean amp At it’s original price and a bargain at it’s current price IF you use it balanced, they are night and day different to me.

“Lucid mode control”. Woah

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Also isn’t the darkvoice (with fitz mod) very tubey

I’d love if the dark voice were hybrid, buts it’s a pure OTL iirc, unless they have a hybrid in their lineup

Mmm true
I do know the little dot mark vi through xviii se are hybrid

Woah, that dot is … not little

Ok ok, that’s a contender! Woah! I’m excited now

Apps has a bit better price than amazon right now

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Nobsound NS-08E with upgraded tubes is the cheapest tubiest HYBRID amp i have heard and one i personally own because For $100 total with upgraded tubes it’s crAzy value and fun to watch the uninitiated get impressed by the glowing tubes and how decent it sounds. Which is many times better than cheap IEM’s or Over ears off a phone or tablet. Ha! Beat that one if you can💪

I looked at that. Seems interesting. What tubes do you oh like in it?

What does this term “wet” that’s being used mean?

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GE JAN 5654’s clean up the mids and high end. The bottom end eventually blooms but they need soooo many hours on them before that happened to mine. It’s good enough for grand slam total of about $85 for amp and upgraded tubes. I would honestly not spend any more money on this amp. The stock tubes never cleaned up, i think i pushed close to 75hrs on them hoping they would get better, they really sucked.

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