What is your "hearing handicap"?

So I just found out that I can only hear up to 15KHz with my right ear and only up to 12KHz with my left ear. This made me curious what your “handicaps” are and how that influences your preferences for headphones and gear.
My theory is that the fact that I can’t hear very high tones might be why I prefer brighter headphones, though I’m not sure whether that makes a lot of sense.

Do you have any “abnormalities” and do you think it has an effect on your preferences?

I tested by using the “ultimate headphone test” (https://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php) and doing the frequency response tests both with my headphones on the right way and backwards, to eliminate driver inconsistencies.

my wallet.


I’m at about 16.1K in the left ear and 15.7K in right ear. Also there’s some dip in my right ear somewhere in the upper mid frequencies that skews the center image slightly left which is super annoying.

I’m mostly sensitive in the low mid region and if there’s a bump in that area, voices sound nasal to me.

Cool test! I loved the binaural part. Made me snap my head around. :laughing:

I’m at about 17k in my left ear, maybe 17.5k in my right.

I used this site to test.

I don’t think the upper limit of one’s hearing really affects what they like since they can no longer hear those frequencies. I guess it could help with tolerating brighter sound signatures.

What I think affects what people like us what frequencies they are sensitive to. Many people are sensitive to ~8k (sibilance range). I however have little problem with 8k, but have a huge problem with 3k #FuckHarmen.

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My family had hearing loss and they blast the hell out of everything. I dont have noticible hearing loss or need to turn things up to hear it. But at rhe moment i have that hearing hiss that ruins any black background or can be heard at times even during busy music sections. To my ear this flattens details and makes things stand out less in their space.