What is Z cooking up with Geshelli Labs?

Hi folks. In one of the latest videos (the one with 8CH Topping DAC) Z spilled that he’s working with Geshelli on something revolving around (I presume) the ultimate missing piece of hardware - A Home Theather Decoder. I’m dying to know more, because that is exactly what I need. Ideally it would just have digital outs, but I don’t know if such device would get certified from Dolby and other companies.

I would settle for a good set of analog outs. Any ideas on what this could be and when it could be announced? The only similar box I was able to find is Canton Smart Connect 5.1 - but it is pretty obscure, with almost no feedback. And nowadays it is pretty hard to find, at least in my country.


Probably something related to this: as Cheap solution.

Might not be for everyone. Convenience and not easy to use.
Specially in the realm of AVR’s and AV/AMPs that are not cheap but does the job.

hi, not sure what it is but i’m going for the Audiopraise Vanity Pro HDMI extractor with an Okto Dac8 Pro now with analog minidsp DDRC88A with Base Management and next step is to get the DDRC88D between the Vanity and Okto… it is the most costly solution at the moment but i think the superior way.
both the vanity and okto are reviewed and measuered by Audio Sience Review and get vvery good ratings.

Well sure about this.
You could send the AES/EBU signal to a good speaker system directly. The superior way.
So only the Audiopraise Vanity Pro would be needed.

Still. You would only get 8 channels.
Not enough for superior Atmos / Auro etc system.

If im not wrong. Zeos was looking a “cheap” solution + with other digital output formats (multiple types)

i’m still on a 5.1 system as there is a wife acceptance factor in play here so get the most out of what i can. i managed to get 4 subs around the living room cloaked as side tables.
if you need more then this is not the way i’ve looked at the IOTAVX as well which is a 17 channel pre/pro but still not the messing around in the digital domain…

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I myself ended up buying Canton Smart Connect 5.1. It’s a good enough AV Processor that can handle 5.1 on wires and add up to 8 wireless speakers for complete Atmos experience. The sound quality is very good (for me), the features are sufficient to build a HT setup. It lacks when it comes to EQ, but I’ve got Behtinger DEQ2496 for that, so I’m happy. There is no other device with price-to-performance on the level of Smart Connect.

Yeah, but what do I need any of this fancy schmantzy stuff for if my gaming headphones can already do 7.1 surround?


7.1 and headphones - choose one xD

So this might a thing is Z cooking, atleast one of them.

DAC with 12 channel and 6 segments. Geshelli made for Zeos.
Maybe future things.