What kind of mic do you actually use for VoIP/streaming?

I’m on the market for a microphone for VoIP and maybe some light streaming in the future but I don’t want to go overboard and buy something I won’t use.
What kind of set up do you use?, Not which you recommend but what kind do you really use?
Headset, webcam mic, USB, modmic, XLR, something else?

I don’t stream that much but I do use a condenser mic from Audio Technica called the ATR2500, it’s a USB mic that sounds nice enough but I do not have it with me at the moment. Right now I am just using my Coolermaster MH751s as my go to music and voice chatting with my friends on Discord, the sounds of the headphones are so good that it’s not your usual shitty gaming headphones plus the mic of the MH751s are clear and natural.

Webcam? I don’t want to use one due to privacy concerns and I’d rather keep my face off from the public especially to this day and age where privacy is not so widespread nowadays. Though I wish in time I’ll get myself some USB audio interface for it might help me on some other things like recording a song that I made for fun or do a cover song just for the heck of it. Music use? it varies I mean I have like 3 Headphones and 6 IEMs to use, depending on what I feel like putting on I use them accordingly.

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I used to use the ModMic because of the convenience. It was pretty clear and I can attach it to a headphone I enjoyed.

Now, I just use a USB Mic such as Samson Q2C. The upgrade is apparent and I just attach the mic to my desk. If you want to upgrade beyond that, you can get a XLR mic with an interface.

Blue Snowball. Super convenient, solid quality, nice looking.

I use a Behringer XM8500 with a Scarlett Solo and a cheap arm. I was tired of messing with headsets and detachable mics. I wouldn’t get anything much pricier than this unless you’re doing something professionally.

A little overkill, but a Shure SM57 into a Scarlett 2i2, along with a small mixer and dbx 266xs for noise gate + compression.

I happen to use this stuff for home recording, but since I got relegated to working from home because of the pandemic I decided might as well sound good in meetings!

MXL 770 > Behringer U-Phoria UMC22

I was using an old Blue Yeti until it died on my a earlier this year.

I also have some boom arm I got for really cheap on amazon but I would recommend you buy something better. These cheap ones tend to destroy the side of tables, I ended up using the clamp from an IKEA lamp instead of the one that came with it