What mobile games do you play?

I wouldn’t say rich as there are no pay to win options outside of prebuying currency but it’s like… it’s a game made for folks who are uncomfortably into economics and accounting.
It’s also a ponzi scheme simulator
Edit: I played it for about 3 months and not once did I feel engaged and I am a hardcore scifi nerd

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Good to know. i always wanted to play eve and thought i was missing out on something. now i know to steer clear

Yeah it’s the most clicky grindy thing ever. The huge pvp faction wars are neat but the player hegemonies have been entrenched fo like 15 years.
If you want an in depth look at eve to see if there is anything interesting a channel called mandelore gaming did an overview of it a couple years ago.

You want a shallower but actually interactive flight sim with mmo elements. Elite dangerous

I like online games and the sense of adventure

Download the game for free here mobile games