What movie sorting software do you use?

I have a moderate .mkv collection of movies, tv, and anime saved on my NAS. I was wondering what software people use to keep them sorted. I like PLEX because it provides poster art, cast lists, and more, but there’s two problems. First, it doesn’t sort anime very well. I get doubled up episodes and some seasons don’t show up at all, despite being very clearly labeled in WFE. For some reason it wont support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. My Atmos enabled movies work fine when run through VLC from the WFE, so I’m confident in saying that I didn’t plug anything in wrong. Is there a reputable alternative? Also what does Zeos use?

Plex doesn’t really sort your stuff it will pull metadata for stuff based on the title but it is only as good as your filenames are. Your problem with anime doubling up episodes is because they are named improperly. If you use their recommended naming convention you shouldnt have problems although sometimes the way the seasons are split up in the database they pull from is different then your files. To actually sort and rename your files I use sonarr which works pretty well.

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Kodi works well, and does an ok job with anime depending on what source you use.

I use Plex and FileBot for mass file renaming like on tv shows, and freefilesync for backup drives