What next (upgrade or stick?)

Hi - new here but have been reading the past few days and realised there was a wealth of great info here.

I can never stick with one headphone/headset for too long but trying to find my ‘utopia’ set really, not that they have to be mega expensive.

Have a Creative G6 and a GC7 - G6 for music and work on PC, GC7 on PS5 as I like being able to control certain functions from the mobile app when gaming in the lounge.

Have been through a lot of headphones all around the £200-£400 bracket. Not overly excited with the PC38x (found it too congested/veiled sounding for me) and preferred the PC37x I previously had.

Tried the Tygr (about 3 times in all!) - love the Beyer comfort but found them a tad warm/bloated sounding in the lower mids/upper bass?. Could correct that on PC with Eq but before I had the GC7 wasn’t so convenient on the PS5.

Now have the DT990 Pro and Audio Technica R70x using a wireless modmic or sometimes use an older PC373D headset when it’s easier just to plug in via the PS5 pad.

Question is, I guess, is there some fantastic open backed headphone I’ve missed, that is quite easy to drive (might be used on an Xbox controller as well as the PS5/GC7/G6) which has a 3.5mm connection. I’d really like the convenience of using my Vmoda Boompro mic and while I managed this on a set of DT1990/K702/K712 I had with an adaptor, I’d prefer a headphone where the adaptor wasn’t needed.

I’m not sure something suitable exists unless I go down in budget but thought I’d ask.

Thanks in advance.